Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son. Horror Game

Reveal all the secrets of a wicked family. Find out why scary granny and grandpa were hunting for you and your friends. Mr. Dog is the same very policeman and son of granny and grandpa.

Mr. Dog
Mr. Dog

You managed to safely escape from granny and grandpa, but when running by the Mr. Dog’s house, you noticed that the nasty fat boy caught one of your friends. Mr. Dog is the same very policeman and son of granny and grandpa. Now you need to get into his mansion and help out your friend. But the escape won’t be an easy task because the house of Mr. Dog is a true prison – it’s fiendishly hard to break free. And you realize that it is quite a challenge to escape from prison. It’s night, there is no single neighbor around, and it’s absolutely useless to call the police. Your friend relies only on you – come and save him! 

Mr. Dog’s mansion is full of all possible traps and puzzles. Apart from everything else, Mr. Dog himself will hunt for anyone who dares to cross the threshold of his property. Your escape from the creepy house will turn into a real horror game once you figure out what kind of dark secrets the fat boy keeps in his mansion. A night at Mr. Dog’s house will be a scary game’s adventure for any uninvited guest.

The storyline of this horror game about the cruel policeman is full of exciting, still, very creepy moments. Try not to make any noise when you sneak into the Mr. Dog’s territory at night and find the necessary items for escape. Playing hide-and-seek with the seasoned policeman is not a good idea because he has toothy and extremely fast assistants. Calling for help is also useless because the fat boy is the head of the local prison and police station. So, you will have to gather evidence proving his crimes to reveal the evil personality of Mr. Dog.

If you are a fan of spine-chilling scary games with a hint of humor as well as arcades where you need to complete different tasks to find hidden objects, then don’t pass up an opportunity to escape from the awkward fat boy and his toothy assistants – the game is free to enjoy! There are several difficulty modes to choose from. If you want just to have fun, then opt for the “Ghost” mode. If you prefer a more intense arcade, then pick the “Hardcore” mode and prove your worthiness to your friends.