Granny and Grandpa 5: Origin

In chapter five of the terrifying adventures, you will finally discover the origin story of a malicious granny with a bat and her companion, a grandpa with a superman power. Let’s reveal a little secret. Granny has been practicing magic for a long time in order to find the source of eternal life. And it seems she has succeeded. How? You will find out by downloading chapter 5 of the horror game, Granny and Grandpa 5: Origin.

Cat Fred Evil Pet

Get yourself a cute cat Fred and take proper care of him: provide your pet with tasty food and fresh water, entertain him regularly, and buy a cozy mattress for him, so Fred can sleep well. In return, Fred will probably catch mice in the house. But if the pet is displeased, he will turn from a sweet kitty into a true evil monster and play a scary horror game with you!

Cat Fred
Cat Fred

Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital

Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape. Horror game is the third adventure escape from scary granny and grandpa. This time, your task is to get out of a burning hospital.

Patients caused havoc in the hospital. It is no longer a simple hospital, but a death hospital. Everything is in flames, all exits are blocked, and insane patients are sneaking about the place. Granny and grandpa are, surely, the most troublesome patients. How do you think, if granny and grandpa were put in solitary wards, who helped them escape? Of course, it was Mr. Dog.

Download the horror game Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape and try to escape from this nightmare. If you succeed, you will know the full story of the olds and find out who else helped them escape.

The third game about granny and grandpa will tell the player how this scary story began and how the old people ended up in the clinic for the most dangerous criminals.

Everything went on, as usual, it was a normal working day at the guard post. But suddenly, electricity in the entire hospital went off and all ward doors got unlocked, which led to a real nightmare and utter chaos.

All personnel was evacuated, but the guard and his partner must stay to control the situation and recover the order. If they fail to restore the order, they will have only one variant – to escape from the scary hospital and call the police.

Grandpa and Granny 3
Grandpa and Granny 3

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Game

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters is a horror game bringing you a long-anticipated opportunity to play for a scary granny or a psycho grandpa. Start your creepy adventures and strike fear into your victims using every possible means. Go old for a while to play insane tricks on everyone around and have a real fun!

Grandpa And Granny Escape House

Grandpa And Granny House Escape is a horror game where you will be chased by an insane grandpa and a scary granny. Oh, they adore playing hide-and-seek. Surely, it is not an ordinary hide-and-seek fun – but a tough survival experience. Grandpa and granny always find a new victim to play their cruel game of survival. Your escape will not be easy because granny and grandpa are very experienced hunters.

Grandpa is utterly insane: he stuffed his creepy mansion with numerous observation cameras so that no one will sneak unnoticed.

Granny’s favorite fun is the baseball game. Guess, who will play the role of a base-ball?
Try Grandpa And Granny House Escape if you do not fear horror games!

Grandpa and Granny 1

School and Neighborhood Game

The School and Neighborhood game invites you to return to the old good school times and take on the role of a student on duty. In order to leave school and enjoy long-awaited freedom, you need to complete several tasks from different teachers. Tasks are not as easy as you may expect, but to make things even worse, school hooligans will continuously bother you. You will hardly avoid fights in school. Your ultimate mission is to spend a day in school and accomplish all teachers’ errands in order to get home quicker and finally play computer games. 

Pink Princess House Craft Game

Once upon a time, a little princess decided to build a lovely pink mansion. She wanted it to look like a doll house because she adores toys and dolls. But the point is that most of these toys and dolls, she seized from children! This naughty princess also took all your toys which you now need to find and retrieve. 

Find the Button Game

Find the Button is a multilevel adventure game to complete, where your primary objective is to search for a button, a lever or a pressure block. If you think finding hidden objects is pretty easy, think again because the right button (lever, pressure block) can be placed anywhere. On each level of a map, you will need to discover a button that will unlock the next level. Find the button in every map if you dare!

Find the Button