Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital

Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape. Horror game is the third adventure escape from scary granny and grandpa. This time, your task is to get out of a burning hospital.

Patients caused havoc in the hospital. It is no longer a simple hospital, but a death hospital. Everything is in flames, all exits are blocked, and insane patients are sneaking about the place. Granny and grandpa are, surely, the most troublesome patients. How do you think, if granny and grandpa were put in solitary wards, who helped them escape? Of course, it was Mr. Dog.

Download the horror game Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape and try to escape from this nightmare. If you succeed, you will know the full story of the olds and find out who else helped them escape.

The third game about granny and grandpa will tell the player how this scary story began and how the old people ended up in the clinic for the most dangerous criminals.

Everything went on, as usual, it was a normal working day at the guard post. But suddenly, electricity in the entire hospital went off and all ward doors got unlocked, which led to a real nightmare and utter chaos.

All personnel was evacuated, but the guard and his partner must stay to control the situation and recover the order. If they fail to restore the order, they will have only one variant – to escape from the scary hospital and call the police.

Grandpa and Granny 3
Grandpa and Granny 3